Sigh. Turbulence. Unrest.

I love him. She doesn’t.

She is crazy, wants to have fun and be sentient! She does not want to be held down.  “What were you thinking!?” she keeps yelling.

Sigh. My efforts to shut her up have proven abortive. These days, her voice seems louder than usual. But for God, she’d be me!

She loves sex! I don’t. And it should be the opposite considering both our situations. How sad!

Now she won’t let me be. She wants that attractive guy that I have been trying so hard to ignore. She keeps lusting after the other guy that I dare not think about.

I hate her. I want her gone. But somehow I like her around. She keeps me alive. With her, life seems sure even when demise seems imminent. I hate her. I want her gone. But I need her.

Our truce: I let her have her way when he’s not around and she lets me have mine when he is.