That man right there!
He ain’t mine
Doubt he’ll ever be
 Tap, tap, his love has got me gasping for air
We aggressive with this, holding each other down,
A wrong that feels just right
I’m taken, he’s taken
We’re taken with each other’s eyes, lips, body, mind
  Tap, tap, we tapping for air
Love’s got us in a chokehold
We champs in our ‘weight’* range
We a 100% in our love
But we aint gonna win this thing
 A thousand and fifty six plus days gone
But the feeling has stayed strong
I think it’s gonna be like *Funbi’s song
Ija Orogun, the forbidden fruit, but this one is done
  That man right there
He knocked me off my feet
Had me landing on my face
Face deep in his kisses, face deep in his arms
Face too deep to see the world around me
  I can’t hear the world
That man right there
Is the man right ‘here’*
A wrong that feels just right.
Here* (references my heart),  Funbi is a new r&b Nigerian artist that sang a song (ija orogun i think it is called, not out yet, I heard him on TV), Weigh* range – I used UFC (a fighting championship as reference to play around with words), Tap? Well, when you fighting in UFC and you can’t fight no more, you tap out