Would have been his Mrs. but for fates’ plan. There was not yet a meeting when the emotions began floating around. He was my far away subject of admiration, the motivation for where I was heading. My dorky, weird, always around-even when not around bae!

Should have been just about writing. But there was something extra I could not place my hands on. I finally figured it out. He is specially created. You have to understand God to understand him. His imagination is something else, no wonder he does what he does. His creativity is beautiful. His faith shook me. And he is not yet half the man he is going to be. The world sure has a star. He should write again.

Could have ignored others, but again the future had to be fulfilled. His Yap-Yap irritated me, but I could hear it all day as far as it was his. That he thinks tickling me over the phone is cute is annoying, but as far as it was his, I would giggle.

What we have is more than what we think would have had, should have had and could have been.


I doubt he’ll ever know the things I think of him.

Love, Keji