Can you feel it? See it?

The squeeze in my chest, the pain I can’t explain

Heartbreak? No? A heart attack might give you a clue

Over again, this fragile heart is stomped upon

I doubt it can take much more

It’s broken pieces tearing into its frame

When that’s gone, she’s gone

Into a dark place. No lights. Gone.


…am not happy with the way you’re allowing your mind assess the situation.

What you need do is take control of your mind and understand is its a commitment, a covenant and an end in itself.

When you consciously work with these themes then, tis easy to approach every situation, challenges and or problems that seeming arises  with a mindset of winning being the ONLY option.

You can make things work beautifully and not just endure it.



I am such a drama queen!

Love, Keji