Life is a war!

Its full of so many fights!

We fight to survive, fight for our sanity, fight for our family, our career and future. We fight for happiness, fight to make wise decisions, the fighting never seems to end.

In all, we have to fight fair! Never fight with an unwilling partner (whether it is yourself or another person entirely). In war, there is love. Let love reign even in fights.

Wars are made up of many battles, battles too many to fight. Learn which to fight and which to ignore.

Stay happy! Cry! Love! Smile! Pray! Live!

Love, Keji

A rebuke

Can you feel it? See it?

The squeeze in my chest, the pain I can’t explain

Heartbreak? No? A heart attack might give you a clue

Over again, this fragile heart is stomped upon

I doubt it can take much more

It’s broken pieces tearing into its frame

When that’s gone, she’s gone

Into a dark place. No lights. Gone.


…am not happy with the way you’re allowing your mind assess the situation.

What you need do is take control of your mind and understand is its a commitment, a covenant and an end in itself.

When you consciously work with these themes then, tis easy to approach every situation, challenges and or problems that seeming arises  with a mindset of winning being the ONLY option.

You can make things work beautifully and not just endure it.



I am such a drama queen!

Love, Keji

Ro’s Journey

Sometimes even beyond our intents, the journey beacons. A wilderness twas.

…along the line, many were and one after the other, they fizzled away. However, she constant remained. He feared the age difference – she could ‘lose’ her youth. “I think you sometimes held back when we ‘were'”, she said.

…on the flip side, they never did click and away they went. One however, also did remain. The interest never was mutual, but friendship beyond it all they maintained. When she was heart broken, twas him whose shoulders she seemingly sought refuge.

Like business, a decision was made. Only that deep within everyone lies the real intent not always sincerely shared with one another.

Eventually, twas a wilderness experience…


This is not mine. Ro, a good friend of mine sent this to me and i thought it worthy to be posted.


Love, Keji


The blinds are drawn, the sheets around me rough

A tall dark figure lies still beside me

The father of my children

I turn around trying to find the sleep that took me away

Away from the words that hurt so deep

Away from the reality that is bittersweet

Sleep derides me

New paint, bigger space, wallpapers, pretty curtains

A new place to call home, something of glee

Home, House, shelter, my soul requires nil

In a dark corner, bliss seems quite unreachable

Don’t ask me why I am unhappy

Because I know not

I do not ever really remember a time in my life

Where true delight existed long enough

I wish he could see through me

I wish he would try to figure this thing out

His snores begin to create an uprising

Disdain for his person looms

I attempt to form affection

I take a stab at recollecting our vows

My memory fails me, or does it?

I’ll stay.

For my children. For me.

For the future that might be better.

For our families.

For the prayers that must not go unanswered.

For a culture that needs to be preserved.

For a cycle that must be broken.

For God.

I’ll stay.

And wake every morning with a hope that I’ll find myself

That a love for him can blossom

That we can make it

That Happiness can find me

That I can be truly content, happy and fulfilled!




Would have been his Mrs. but for fates’ plan. There was not yet a meeting when the emotions began floating around. He was my far away subject of admiration, the motivation for where I was heading. My dorky, weird, always around-even when not around bae!

Should have been just about writing. But there was something extra I could not place my hands on. I finally figured it out. He is specially created. You have to understand God to understand him. His imagination is something else, no wonder he does what he does. His creativity is beautiful. His faith shook me. And he is not yet half the man he is going to be. The world sure has a star. He should write again.

Could have ignored others, but again the future had to be fulfilled. His Yap-Yap irritated me, but I could hear it all day as far as it was his. That he thinks tickling me over the phone is cute is annoying, but as far as it was his, I would giggle.

What we have is more than what we think would have had, should have had and could have been.


I doubt he’ll ever know the things I think of him.

Love, Keji

Forgive me, but…

I might sin again.

His lips are my Achilles heel.

His body my muse.

His words are music to my ears.

And his touch is a chink in my armor.


Forgive me Lord, but I might sin again.

Last night was our communion.

A communion to rekindle an unlost flame

It burnt hotter, with blue and red flames

Mixed to create a short but unending ecstasy

Gripped with fear of our coalesce

Yet excited at the thought of a mini us


Guilty, yet justified.

Forgive me Lord, these words are my sin.



That man!

That man right there!
He ain’t mine
Doubt he’ll ever be
 Tap, tap, his love has got me gasping for air
We aggressive with this, holding each other down,
A wrong that feels just right
I’m taken, he’s taken
We’re taken with each other’s eyes, lips, body, mind
  Tap, tap, we tapping for air
Love’s got us in a chokehold
We champs in our ‘weight’* range
We a 100% in our love
But we aint gonna win this thing
 A thousand and fifty six plus days gone
But the feeling has stayed strong
I think it’s gonna be like *Funbi’s song
Ija Orogun, the forbidden fruit, but this one is done
  That man right there
He knocked me off my feet
Had me landing on my face
Face deep in his kisses, face deep in his arms
Face too deep to see the world around me
  I can’t hear the world
That man right there
Is the man right ‘here’*
A wrong that feels just right.
Here* (references my heart),  Funbi is a new r&b Nigerian artist that sang a song (ija orogun i think it is called, not out yet, I heard him on TV), Weigh* range – I used UFC (a fighting championship as reference to play around with words), Tap? Well, when you fighting in UFC and you can’t fight no more, you tap out

Me and Her

Sigh. Turbulence. Unrest.

I love him. She doesn’t.

She is crazy, wants to have fun and be sentient! She does not want to be held down.  “What were you thinking!?” she keeps yelling.

Sigh. My efforts to shut her up have proven abortive. These days, her voice seems louder than usual. But for God, she’d be me!

She loves sex! I don’t. And it should be the opposite considering both our situations. How sad!

Now she won’t let me be. She wants that attractive guy that I have been trying so hard to ignore. She keeps lusting after the other guy that I dare not think about.

I hate her. I want her gone. But somehow I like her around. She keeps me alive. With her, life seems sure even when demise seems imminent. I hate her. I want her gone. But I need her.

Our truce: I let her have her way when he’s not around and she lets me have mine when he is.